Finance, a tax, labor, and law Consultation

Joined Arakawa Minsho and contributed to the spread of infection in Tokyo Let's do the procedure! !!

(1 establishment 500,000 yen, 2 establishments or more 1 million yen)

Co., Ltd./Sole proprietorship / Freelance / Foreigners

Those who are closed or working shorter hours to prevent corona infection can apply. (Limited target industries)

The deadline for applications is June 15.

Those who do not know how to apply, those who do not have a personal computer, etc.

If there are offices / stores in Tokyo, people other than Arakawa Ward are okay.

Please contact me first. Be sure to apply for the person who receives it and get the cooperation money!

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Finance, a tax, labor, and law Consultation

Tax Consultation, a tax examination, application, etc.
Finance Arakawa-ku-Loan Application
Law  High interest debt Arrangement  A business trouble
An account book and settlement of accounts  Instruction
New commencement of business  Application Documents 
Doesn't a company do a financial statement check?
They are sad for there to be too many taxes.
A licensed tax accountant's unkind and charge are high.
I would like to carry out a gold loan from a bank.
I would like to make and save a financial statement by myself.
Consultation is 0 yen.
There is very much above-mentioned consultation.
Please consult once. Consultation is no charge.

Financial consultation

<<Commencement-of-business and floatation / incorporation consultation>>
Not understanding is full although he would like to start business (floatation).

A "plan" is important for making commencement of business and a floatation successful.
The "business plan" about "mono-[ human money ] and a visitor" is drawn up, and calm judgment can also be performed by drawing the "business plan" for at least one year.
"Cash planning""It is judged whether is a corporation started or it goes individually."
"Personal computer entry"Which consultation is held. moreover The exchange meeting which hears a senior contractor's experience is also held, so those who aim at commencement of business and a floatation appreciate.

Seed money is practical use of a public low-interest loan backed by government and credit guarantee corporations.

Cash planning is important in order to make an enterprise successful. Practical use of "a seed money loan" of a country, or Tokyo and each self-governing body is also effective as well as self-finance. In the loan of Tokyo, even if there is no self-finance, it can borrow by "unsecured and a non-guarantor" to 10 million yen. In order to borrow, let's form firm "commencement-of-business plan.
Consultation is 0 yen.

Although he would like to establish incorporated company, an amateur can also do it.

Or [ leaving an enterprise as a "personal business" ], Is a corporation established from the beginning? It is just going to waver. The thing to judge after each has a merit and a demerit and thinking well. Let's consider well the cost of the expense for using a relation with a customer, social credibility, and a corporation, tax strategy, and entry, etc., and decide them. Although the corporation built, there is also a case which has not performed the procedure or a tax return of public offices, such as a taxation office.
Let's think firmly and draw a conclusion. it has responded to consultation from 1.

Consultation of a life
A National Health Insurance (tax) cannot be paid.
Legal aid services of Japan
Consultation is 0 yen.

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The monthly fee of 5600 yen